#Poetry:”I need stability”.

I need balance,

I need stability.

Of living, I’ve lost the ability…

I’m not so sure,

I need a cure.

I need to care,

I need to be safe,

I need a dream,

this life feels like a nightmare.

I need to be calm,

but the storm takes me into its arm.

A new farm,

thinking about my lost charme.


In the end,

i should give up,

but, this is not how

you level up.

I’ve lost respect,

there’s nothing much i expect,

i’ve changed my aspect,

I’ve lost affection,

I’m a lost puppet.

Someone got locked

Into this door,

I knock,

but nobody’s home.

I guess this is the empty place,

that my heart left,

beyond those high walls,

beyond this rain, and falls.

No place to go,

maybe I won’t go high or low.

This is my life now,

so strange, so slow,

so odd,

can’t see it glow.

I’m so tired,

take me to rest,

I don’t want to take it off my chest.

Ita version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/22/poesiaavrei-bisogno-di-stabilita/

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