#Tale:”I am a Castaway”.

I am a castaway.

Once, I had a ship. There was a crew on it. It was all right, it was gorgeous, beautiful, magical.

It was my perfect balance.

I didn’t feel any problem, we were experiencing an adventure. One day, however, something destroyed that harmony: perhaps it was the covid, perhaps it was envy and jealousy.

A storm.

I could not save my ship, the leaks destroyed it. Like any good captain, I stayed on it until the end. My crew scattered, my Escanor sank.

My beautiful boat. I had built it, with so much care, with so much love.

And she sank, into the depths of her.

For some time, I lost consciousness. I plunged into dreams of my pain, for losing my crew, for losing what I loved.

And my ship, with the golden lion as a figurehead, lost forever.



It was my life, it made me happy. She was the companion of many trips.

I did not know how long I was in the sea. I had dreams, I cried, I got angry. I hoped for the best, in the return of my crew.

Sometimes, I realized that someone, perhaps, had betrayed me. Someone, he was envious of my being a captain, And he convinced the other crew members to betray me.

And some, they were killed.

I stayed in the sea, I had lost consciousness …

I was now a castaway.

I was dead tired … I finally emerged. And I awoke with difficulty, on the beach. I dragged myself forcefully out of the water, I was alive, but … I fainted. I slept again. I was tired, I no longer had the same energy to fight.

I could no longer want to recover my crew, I was dead tired. I felt broken.

I was a seaman, but I no longer had any desire to sail, even though it had always been my life.

However, that enormous sleep gave me a huge and strange sense of peace, despite everything.

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