I have a great capacity


I am very versatile.


in life,

I believed too,


to belong only in certain circles,

to certain “social classes”.

But I am capable,

to be in different situations.



I’ve been able to see it now.

I’ve been committing lately,

the mistake of having to think,

of not being able

to stay in certain situations.

Although I do,

for a lifetime.

My ambitions,

they lead me to want

things that “certain classes”,

they do not allow.

And then, I’ll change,

I will rise.

Or maybe simply

I will adapt.

Unfortunately, or fortunately,

it is no longer possible,

for me,

live so

too narrow.

I don’t exactly want,

be among the “winners”,

I want to be,

and live,

just for things,

that I want.

I can stay,

with whoever I like.

I can love,

many people,

many women,

I’m able

to adapt,

why me,

i love everything.

I am versatile.

If you want read the original version 👉 https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/21/poesiaversatile/

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