#Poetry:”You were born in a way…”

Note before you start: in Italian we have a proverb, that means that if you’re born in a way, you can’t change.

I disagree, now.

Here for Itlaian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/24/poesianasci-tondo/

You are born in away,

how can you die in another?

Maybe something about us

It is not possible to change,

but you don’t stay the same,

For all life,

it’s impossible, for me.

Maybe you die with the shape

Of different geometric figures together.

Square and round together …

Something particular.

We are not trees,

we are not even geometric figures.

We can therefore assume,

different shapes.

You have to change,

to obtain

what you want.

Who says you can’t change

He only has a narrow view of the world,

and gave up

in front of its own limits.

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