A new World.

An awakening in a new place.

The man found himself in a house, the last thing he remembered was that a strange guy named “Gugu” told him:

– Letting go now doesn’t mean doing it forever. Put it aside, don’t throw it away.

This strange guy was wearing a red jacket and pants, a top hat of the same color, a red and white striped shirt, a yellow vest, and a green tie.

Together with him there were two beings, “ceppe” and “guguceppe”. They said they were his demons, but they weren’t there to harm him.

One was a gray snake, and the other was a strange being with half a face like briciata, with an exposed brain.

After that “gugu” said these words, he tried to put it aside. Like on a stone.

–              Wait for me here. – He told her.

But afterwards he realized that on a stone, in the cold, alone, she was not doing well.



Then he came up with a little house, no, still too small.

Finally, there he is, in a palace. In an instant, in a whole new city. A normal house with all the comforts.

But it was a different town, full of steam, a steampunk setting.

She was on the bed, he gave her a caress and a kiss on the forehead:

– I’ll be back. – He promised.

She was talking to a memory, which was still. It was a promise made to something that would not move, after all.

Her hope was that she would move again, however, in the present. Not to be a memory anymore.

And then the man left the house: he saw that the world was all made of steam, it was the new city where he lived. This place had a life of its own, mechanical, industrial, revolutionary. It was his new life.

And there were no more walls, there was no longer any need to build them. The time of the fortresses was over now.

And this man now lived for himself, and for his dreams.

Trivially, one of these was that his love for him was reciprocated, that the memory resumed living in the present.

He didn’t want to live for any other reason. He knew that his path was a difficult one, yet, he would have walked it anyway.

He did not see the sea. It didn’t matter: his boat was sunk by now, it was an old, but beautiful galleon.

Now, it was time to do something different, to live.

Italian version.

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