I wish to tell you…

I wish to tell you

How I miss you.

I wish to tell you,

that I would like to be your friend,

without any second interest.

I’d like to know,

what would be the right way,

to ensure,

that between us,

there is peace again

and harmony.



I would like to write to you,

and tell you that I would like to make peace with you.

I would like to write to you,

but I do not know,

I’m afraid you’d feel it

overrun again.


I saw you looking at me from your car,

and I have not seen

the hatred I expected.

Maybe there’s a bit of hope left,


there is a small hole,

in those high walls of yours

and impenetrable.

I will wait, again.

I will wait for you, again.

I love you,

my friend.

PS: And I thank you, because having lost you, she gave me the strength to live, and to be reborn … If we were to meet again, I would never do the same bullshit. I don’t do them anymore.

I changed my life.

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