“A new World” – Part 2.

Part 1.

Italian version

A strange creature was out on the streets. He had the body of a man, but the head was that of a raven.

Nobody knew who he was, someone had glimpsed him around in the night.

That living being went around the city on horseback, he had a sword, they said. A katana. He had a dark blue coat, and a top hat, black.

One night, that man wanted to sneak into a place, he was on horseback, and he smelled a perfume from outside, and said:

– Let’s see if I will fall victim to the scent of love …

A pink smoke, he hit him, and he was intoxicated.

– Apparently, I couldn’t help it.

The door of that building opened, he got off his horse and prepared to fight, using the sword in his right hand and a dagger in the other.


And enemies appeared to attack him, because he wanted to keep fighting, despite everything, he was still there.

He did not want to resign and give up even though he had already been defeated.

Besides, who or what was he fighting against? Perhaps, only against himself.

And all this happened one night, in that new city.

And the other man woke up again in his house, where there was that woman, who by now no longer moved.

He kept stroking her, hoping she would come back, always.

He got up, and he started living another new day, he’s been feeling so strange lately. He felt as if he had dreamed that he was a raven-headed creature.

He met gugu again, with a red-fur dog:

–              Good morning!

– Good morning, nice dog.

The animal approached the man, wagging its tail and wishing to cuddle.

– All right, Mr. …

– You know who I am, gugu.

– Yes, but say it anyway.

– Heraculator.

–              Right right. How’s your heart?

– He is feeling better, but it still happens that he feels nothing. However, the energy is returning to me …

– Do you bear the absence as usual?

– I’m rebuilding, and this city is the partial result.

– “Partial”… Yet it is so much.

– Yes, but it’s not enough yet.

– And when will it be enough?

– When I’m happy, casserole. When she comes back, when the heart is alive again. When what I want will happen, for real.

– It’s another day …

–              Yup.

–              It is raining…

– And then, the sun comes out.

This is the new world. It was necessary to know it, understand it, live it.

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