Italian/Original version here.

Maybe I found the Shibumi,

peace, within me.

The desire to escape, it’s now over.

That I have repressed and cast out,

waiting for good news.

And I found beauty in everything,

even shattered.

Maybe, finally,

I know what it means to feel good,

feel like this,

knowing that I miss things,

but feel good even without them.



Wanting love,

but feel really good,

even without it.

Feel good,

even without the things I don’t have,

in conclusion.

Well-being, peace with myself,


This is it, a taste of perfection.

Even without her,

even without some friendships, well …

I believe this is it,

the right psychology,

to have what you don’t have,

paradoxically (?)

it is definitely a new road

that I lead,

that I walk,

and it looks beautiful to me.

And I understand, and I see

All much more clearly.

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