We were Right. (Innocent).

Italian/Original version here.

We were right.

And there is nothing we can do about it.

We were right, because what spontaneous sensations tell you, can indeed be considered as the closest thing to the truth. That is, when they are not contaminated by mental saws and all the limits that we set ourselves. Especially towards the people who love us, despite everything.

I still don’t understand why those who love you should be rejected. Maybe it will be a trend of 2020-2021.

We were right, we know that, even if they say no, there was affection on the other side. Fear of vulnerability caused all of this, yes.

We were right, but we are without what we wanted. We were right and we’re sad, we have nothing in our hands.

What was the point of being right in the end? And then, the only one who knows is you: the rest of the world considers you just a madman. As if we are the crazy ones, and the rest of the world is really right.

But we are not crazy.

No, we are not crazy, even if from the outside we only look like imaginative monsters who believe in something other than simple reality.

We are not crazy.

No, there is no way that we are, even if they want to make us look like that. The usual outcasts … as if having affection can define you as something negative.

What world is this?

And indeed, we were right. We knew we were putting our feeling in the hands and hearts where it felt right to do so.

We knew we were right. And we weren’t mad, we thought about it, and that was it, as we said.

We were right, and we can’t prove it. We cannot prove that there was also affection on the other side. We can’t prove he cared, no.

We are helpless.

We’re so angry!


We’re like Tyrion Lannister in the dock. Sometimes I seem to be defined like him, without having even a minimum of justice. Knowing that you are innocent.

With the weight on us, the judgment of others, thinking that yes, you almost want to be that “monster” that others think.

Perhaps many of us are “dwarves” from birth. Maybe that’s what Tyrion’s character is all about, and that’s why we love him.

Like him, we were right, like him, betrayed.

We were right.

And there is nothing we can do about it.

Quoting my friend: “Desperately feeling that you are right and yet fail”

Literally, give it a whatsapp message.

We were right,

and we are, without anything, and without justice.

And now, we expect it a little, because this is how it should go. I ask God, since humanity is unable to understand it.

We are right,

we hope, however, that we can also be happy.

We were right, and it wasn’t enough. But that hatred of us will not be enough to stop us.

PS: And then explain to me why, if you have a relationship with a person, you can not get attached. it seems logical to me!

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