“A new World” – Part 3.

Part 2 here.

Italian verison here.

How much would that man have wanted, every time he woke up, for his heart to come back to life?

She was always there, motionless, in the bed. She didn’t show up.

She still hoped she would come back, and she wanted to do more than just hope.

He was convinced of every idea he had of her: that the reasons for the separation were only piles of misunderstandings and lies, therefore, nothing concrete.

He realized, however, that the heart had not stopped functioning.

The affection he felt for her had not ceased to exist: it had changed shape, just like his whole life.

The Heraculator hoped to take it back.

Anyway, he was better. The world that was previously destroyed, now at least had some life.

Even if full of doubts and uncertainties.

He often thought about what he would give of her to see her smile again, to make her laugh again, to talk to us again in a quiet way.



Returning to lost spontaneity.

He wanted to tell her first that he too wanted to be friends with her spontaneously, before all that shit happened between them.

Maybe it was too late to tell.

In fact, that motionless body on the bed, even though he heard him speak and say these things, remained motionless.

But he wanted to keep fighting.

And not for her, not only: but for himself. That reborn man had immense energy within him.

A great fighting force, and the desire for revenge.

He would never forget that anger, that disappointment. He finally understood that no feeling ever ceases to exist.

“Nothing is created or destroyed. Everything is transformed “.

Anger was no longer Czech fury: it was transformed into determination and the desire for redemption.

There was no day in which he desired it, not a day passed in which he did not think about it, because he, deep down, he knew it: if he now felt that way, it was all because of that situation.

“Forgive, but never forget.” And indeed, it would have been.

Because, you know: regardless of everything, you can never really forget what has hurt you, what transforms you, changes you.

The reason, the reasons why you have been sick.

But he had really gotten stronger. Perhaps for him the saying: “What does not kill you, makes you stronger”.

And thank goodness, because otherwise he would have been a man of shit.

Those then, not even “men” are …

He felt a great energy inside, he no longer felt obliged to feel like a giant.

And so, he started fighting something he still didn’t see: he was fast, and the thing he was fighting was huge.

He wanted to have this power: the power to be able to really change things, and not to leave them as they were.

A fight against his life itself,

against his own fate.

Against his own future.

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