At least this time…

Italian/original version here.

At least this time,

could it go differently?

I know I know,

I made mistakes,

it’s really hard,

bind trust,

reconnect relations …

I know I know…

I’m just a fool

a naive dreamer,

who still hopes,

to be able to put together

the pieces.

I know I know…

Yet, at least this time,

it might not go

like the others?

Who am I talking to?

I pray to a god,

do I talk to myself?

I wish something, someone would listen to me,

heard the prayer,

of this madman.

At least this time,

after having disappointed,

after being disappointed, I say … I say …

at least this time,

there could be another epilogue,

besides having to forget

of everything

and all?

At least this time.

Otherwise, what good would it be,

having given

and hoped so much?

I’m not that convinced,

that having learned is useful,

if it doesn’t

what I want

deep inside.

At least this time,

can I have a satisfaction?

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