Italian/original version here.

you know, one of the stupidest things, in my opinion, is when I read or hear that happiness depends only “on us”, as if truly, you just inject happiness into yourself.

As if that were enough to be happy, for real.

This is huge bullshit. Of course, it is not even said that to be one there is an actual need for another person, but at the same time, it is not even that simple.

After all, what is happiness? Is it feeling good in all areas of life? The absence of problems? The love? The carreer?

It still depends on something, right?

And therefore, it is not that we are, in my opinion, “succubus” only to what happens to us, but when things do not go as we want.

That is unhappiness, a bit like when there is no balance. Peace is hard to conquer, as is happiness.

The time to be dissatisfied or unhappy is not “wasted”, as so many “poets” and other pricks want us to believe, shooting big platitudes.

In fact, coincidentally, when they say something en masse, for me, it begins to lose value day after day, just think!

But it will be my fault, that I am crazy.

Time to feel bad serves to make you understand how you really are, and that you want to feel better, is it clear? No time is really wasted.

Be wary of big cocks that shoot platitudes, in short.


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