Look my anger in the face.

Italian/Original version here.

I look my anger in the face,

my pain.

I no longer avoid her gaze,

I don’t try to control it anymore.

We walk together, we talk.

She is a faithful companion now.

She is not furious,

she is just constant.

She doesn’t make too much noise.

and yet she exists,

she is the daughter of disappointments,

of the desire to change,

and being tired

to be so angry.

I would like to give her a new dress,

something that can really give her peace,

for once.


that can give you some satisfaction.

However, now that I look at her,

I really understand it.

I don’t try to blame anything

And nobody.

I’m not trying to calm her down.

I welcomed it,

and now, she walks with me.

and she makes me feel alive,

realize my feelings,

even if they are so negative.

Maybe is the only good thing …

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