Black Or White.

Italian/original version here.

Either black or white.

Either way, or another. In the discussions, which, after having made them, I realize their enormous and disarming uselessness, I realize that there is no desire to open up to dialogue. Certain sides of the person are unacceptable, because for the other they have no “logical sense”, they are unable to accept this idea.

For them, it is too absurd.

But that’s the problem, you see.

Who can not formulate the hypothesis of a nuance (because either black or white, never a fucking nuance, never the desire to understand how the other person feels, always be strict, believing that he is doing his good. continuing to live in my narrow mindedness …), he is not mature, as he thinks he is, but no.

He just looks like a big fat idiot to me.

And then, for the umpteenth time, I regret having talked about my things to a person who is obviously wrong and incapable.

I am also sorry to call them that, they are certainly not stupid, however, I do not accept this lack of flexibility.

And maybe I am not so much better, but I fight for different reasons.

Higher, to be happy, to be satisfied, to have something that is more useful than: “either black or white”.

It makes me laugh a bit: a few years ago I was accused of doing the same thing, and maybe it was true. Maybe I was even more “cynical”.

But people change. And it’s fucking right that way.


And I, without false modesty, have a certain ability to elevate myself, to grow, and also to make people love me, without controlling anything or anyone.

And, without false modesty, I have the ability to grow, to be versatile, to understand people and understand myself.

Because I often look inside, whether it’s light or shadow …

If I didn’t, there would be just a bunch of things never dealt with …

And there must be nothing left behind, ever.

And that’s also why I saw the nuance, the nuances.

Because I myself, for many, have been either white or black.

But I always knew I never was.

I’ve always been a nuance, I’ve always been different than many others, they want to define me.

I was born different,

I was born better there.

And perhaps, these are my greatest fortunes.

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