“Who wants too much…”

Italian/original version here.

In Italy we have a proverb:

“Those who want too much, hold nothing”.

(Chi troppo vuole, nulla stringe)

But not even those who wanted little, do not hold anything,

not even those who wanted something normal.

Who wants simple things,

he can’t hold them.

We have nothing in hand,

everything slips away,

like sand.

We have nothing in hand

we are left with nothing,

regardless of whether it is “too much” or not.

We have not the slightest bit

What we want.

I look at the “nothing” that I hold in my hand,

I look at those of those who wanted “too much”, like me.

And I understand, that deep down,

what we wanted, it was normal.

And now, it slips away.

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