Review:”Got Your Six”.

Here we are on our appointment of the week with a review.

Today, after “Giovane Rondo”, the alphabetical order offers us “Got Your Six”, by Five Finger Death Punch.

So, after a long time, we return to metal music.

Let’s leave rap for the moment, then.

So, “Got Your Six” – I say it right away – is the album that I liked least of the band. (My favorite was also the first one I heard, “Wrong Side of Heaven”).

I tell you mine: many tracks on this album did not particularly impress me: neither from the point of view of the music, nor of the lyrics.

I don’t know, it’s that music that I would listen to playing sports, with a lot of passivity, but not with the necessary passion that usually involves me.

For me, the most noteworthy are: “Question Everything” and “I Apologize”.

The others seem “thrown there”.

So why did these two have a good effect on me? Because they were the only ones that made me feel “like them”.

Question Everything:

“He lives in darkness

There is no progress

He knows the demons

That lie within him

He has no vision

He has no sight

He hates perfection

It wasn’t right “

And then I liked “I Apologize”, partly also for the story behind it … With him deciding to stop drinking, and to work hard to improve, even with music.

A kind of redemption song: the video was nice too.

For the rest, however … I bud it. A rather boring album, which doesn’t add much to the band’s history.

In fact, for me many are repetitive and even banal night.

In short, I give it a 6, It did got it, in the end)

only for the two songs mentioned above.

There is definitely better than FFDP.

See you all next time!


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