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Nobody believes it now,

now the world,

it seems to be in the hands of the “bad guys”.

Nobody seems to believe in love anymore,

it just feels like “cock and pussy”.

Nobody seems to believe in dreams anymore,

no one seems to want to get busy anymore,

for something more.


They no longer believe in anything,

now they really seem

all approved,

or shells full of pain,


and resentment.



Nobody seems to appreciate the efforts anymore,

and values.

We all seem to be dead.

And we, who believe in it,

we suffer.

So maybe

I’ll be the one to carry the weight

of these things.

I’ll be the one to believe it,

even if none seem to be

willing to do it.

I will also be capable

To sacrifice myself.

Who knows how it feels,

after having lived,

without ever having been

permanently destroyed …

and believe it again,

wait again

who does not believe in love,

and believe in her.

Thinking that sooner or later,

believe it again.

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