Beyond the Limit.

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I feel a strength inside …

When you are reborn

That’s it,

when you are capable

to get up,

rise stronger than before,

therefore, stronger than ever.

With a strength capable of making you feel better.

You really look at what until a day ago,

had knocked you down,

and laugh in his face,

saying: “Is that all?”

and then, let’s fight,

as if we had just received

a “power-up”.

As if we were out of energy, defeated,

but like heroes,

we have luck on our side.

Our inner super-Sayian,

that suddenly bursts

and he kidnaps us, with overwhelming force.

So very big,

to bring down the giants

with only the strength of the hands.

And that’s the wonderful feeling,

of those who have passed

the limit of him, therefore.

This feeling of victory,

despite it looks like the world

always want me on the ground.

And that’s when he underestimates me,

and thinks I’m dead,

that I get up

and I hit very hard …

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