“A New World” – Part 5.

Part 4 here.

Italian version here.

And now, he almost felt that a piece was missing, and he knew very well which one. She knew it, the heraculator. He looked at her every day, in bed.

Like having put the pieces back together, having built a little house, where she was the only thing that was missing.

And finally, she knew that in this new, steamy city, someone wanted him to never find her again. There were enemies, after all.

One day, she walked away, again going to a very distant place. Without using the means of transport, walking.

He saw a man on horseback, she thought he recognized him, but only for an instant.

Horses were now used less and less, exclusively in the city. The steam filled the air.

Finally, he came to the large park, full of olive trees. On the way, he had bought 3 beers.

He had come there, to say goodbye to a part of his life, the one that did not allow those who kept in bed to live.

And then, he wrote a letter to that woman, simply writing to her, “how are you?”

It was a letter that did not expect an answer, an unassuming letter, which wanted to be like a “reset” of everything that had happened up to that moment.



So, after drinking, he put it in the mailbox.

He felt as if fate itself had brought him this far. He remembered his dreams. He had a Deja vu. At that time there were many,

in his dreams, that man foresaw the future.

And in some of them, he dreamed of her returning to his life. But perhaps it was only his innermost hope that deceived him.

The man on the horse he had seen earlier got off his horse, and he too entered that park. In the time that had passed, it had grown dark.

It was a man dressed in black, with a black hat, who approached him, he was afraid.

 Then when he raised his face to look at him, he recognized him: he was exactly a friend he once trusted, who was sure he had betrayed his trust in him, that he had stabbed him in the back.

Now, however, he seemed intent on doing it in front of him.

The Heraculator was afraid, but suddenly, he saw a katana spear his enemy.

Randurass had appeared, and had saved him.

– You didn’t expect it, huh?

– How do you physically manifest yourself, if you are a spirit?

– Maybe you still don’t quite understand that this world is new, huh?

–              What do you mean?

– Now, I too exist and can touch and be touched.

A moment of silence. The man saw his enemy writhing in pain for a moment, settling on the ground.

After that his life left him.

–              We have to go. – Said a voice.

It was him, the bizarre-looking demon.

– Gugu.

– It’s me, but call me every now and then by my original name …

– Shanrass.

–              Exactly.

– We have to leave. Randurass announced.

The demon was in a carriage, and he invited the two to get on. What was happening?

– It would be nice if … He came back, huh? – Gugu asked. The man did not answer immediately.

–              Who? My heart?

– Well, him and her. Absolutely.

The carriage fled into the night, plunging into the steam of the city.

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