Not Giving a damn.

Italian version here.

I don’t know if I’ve become much more… apathetic. By now, I can’t give a damn anymore, really. There are examples of people to whom I cannot give anything, because I always have the feeling of always being disappointed.

And in fact, those who love me do not judge me. So I don’t give a damn, and away, to other shores.

Or, I don’t give weight to criticisms, when they are too many, or when they really happen, light things that people weigh down to stratospheric levels.

When someone tries to make fun of me, or do I don’t know what, then I don’t answer, I don’t feel anything anymore.

When I can happen to worry about something, I avoid it.

I am no longer able to account for those things that once struck me.

For a while, when I see someone I can feel an interest in, even give a birthday present, then I see her with another guy, who seems like a jerk … and I think he is … well, I stop thinking about it right away.

I don’t want to beat myself anymore, I take patience, and see how it goes, without wasting time in anger, or any jealousies.

Of course women have a strong talent for balls, no doubt about it.

And they allow too much to be treated badly, but oh well. When they are in the mood for a real man (yes), I’m always ready.

Yet, even of these things, I began to give a damn, there is no denying it here too. I don’t want to have these thoughts, to get busy.

I don’t want to think about what others might think,

there is no longer the desire to take the trouble.

And it is not “being cynical”, but mature.

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Grazie mille, in anticipo. 😊

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