Italian version here.

A life of failures,

a life, without ever succeeding

to do something

that I really wanted.

I needed to meet this person,

That changed my whole life,

to make me understand what I really wanted,

and, try to get it.

But I failed, once again.

I’m tired of failing,

so, how tired I am of running away from my failures.

I’m tired of being told,

that the only alternative is to “go on”,

accept failures,

not being able to do anything,

to change things.

I’m tired of hearing things,

as if I was the only one to make mistakes,

as if,

there’s ONE way of living,

for us all.

I am tired.

Maybe even the people I thought understood me,

they can’t do it like they used to.

These failures,

they are the big part of my life.

I’m tired of “moving on”,

I’m tired of failing.

It’s killed or be killed,

achieve your goals,

or nothing.

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