Final Review of:”The Seven Deadly Sins”.

Italian version here.

ATTENTION: since it is the final review, do not read it if you have not finished the anime or manga due to the presence of spoilers.

I’ve already written a review, but I was missing the ending. THE latest episodes of the anime, in order to be able to review it completely.

Now, I write these latest reflections on the series I have enjoyed the most in recent years, along with “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, and “Attack on Titan”.

Many of the things I have already written, saying that he has the ability to always entertain you. When one episode ends, you are always curious to see what happens next.

Fortunately, no character was too marginal, if not the sacred knights, who only had it in the first part, then, they become, let’s say “too weak”, for subsequent enemies. It’s a bit typical when the enemies are too strong.

But, at least, not even the main characters disappear to make room for the protagonist alone. (In this case, Meliodas).

All too often, we see these characters become less and less important, so that only one or three. Such as Dragon Ball, for example.

In my humble opinion, not everyone is so good at “distributing” the importance of the characters.

After all, as a lover of “JoJo”, I know what I’m talking about. How can we not mention, for example, Avdol. which after two or three clashes, disappears into thin air, perhaps because it is too powerful?

Exactly like Fugo, with his stand, “Purple Haze”? it too makes a single appearance, perhaps because it is too powerful and difficult to manage?

In short, it often happens in many works that the secondary characters have a marginal role.

Well, “Seven Deadly Sins”, also gives space to others, in addition to Meliodas. We could define some of them as co-protagonists, indeed, all of them.

For some time the other deadly sins had become too weak, but in the end, they are all strong. There was a bizarre balance: first it was King and Diane, who were, then Ban, and in the end, they all have the same strength.

The coolest thing? That all together are committed to defeating the enemy, rather than just one. This doesn’t happen often either. I enjoyed this very much. The bond of friendship that binds the Seven Deadly Sins is immense.

In fact, even though Meliodas wanted to keep them out of the fight with his father he has been using Zeldris as a container, because he feared for their lives.

In the end, no one dies, or almost.

Yes almost. Escanor my favorite character, he becomes more and more, until the end.

Initially his desire to sacrifice seemed very noble to me. Then, it seemed to me a somewhat forced death, his death. I do not know.

The only one who dies? And the strongest of all, or at least the most epic.

And how does he die, without having the love he wanted … And I thought that perhaps, I would never be as noble as him, although I think he resembles me. (After all, that’s why some characters become our favorites, right?)


But, thinking about it, after overcoming the “trauma” of his death, I realized that there was some sense of it.

It would be so nice to say too, that the love of those who do not reciprocate us, may sooner or later be given to those who can “contain” it.

But, we are very selfish, and self-centered, so sometimes we hope for something else. He is human.

But, after thinking about it, this too changes, and you smile, thinking of that human, named Escanor, who did things of such nobility, trying to save the holy knights from the surviving son of Indura.

And in that scene, I started to cry.

Escanor was a lonely man, but he did not die as such. He felt alone before he met the Seven Deadly Sins.

And bitter tears weep when he accepts his death, after having given it to his companions.

Rest In Peace, Lion Sin of Pride.

For me, the most epic fights were his, as well as his end.

Of course, the creator also liked a lot: a character like two very strong personality highs, but who would do anything for his friends.

Eventually, the Demon King is defeated. The fights are the coolest part of this anime. It doesn’t have a very complicated plot… So, the quality exists, for me, especially in those, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack, also composed by Sawano, the one who also edited that of the famous “Attack on Titan”.

As you know, then there is the “real end”, with the rise of Arthur as King of Chaos. This work, after all, is known: it is like a “prequel” to the stories of the mythical king, Camelot, the knights of the round table, and so on.

And it was a great adventure: it lasted a few years. Looking back you think how far they have come.

All alive, all safe, the story ends well, in short. (This is why Escanor’s death “stank” to me, almost as if it were the only negative note for a “happy ending”).

And it was truly a great adventure.

I would say that perhaps King Arthur, should have been given a larger space, but not being the protagonist, he fits. After all, even if he remained

until the end, “in the background”, it regains its rightful importance, in the end, also thanks to Meliodas.

“It doesn’t matter what he thinks of you, but what you think of him.”

Important lesson to reflect on, all of us.

He was one of the most entertaining anime I’ve seen in recent times, “glued to the chair,” or in front of a screen.

And if you have read the manga, between the pages.

We remind you that: “The pain and The pleasure all come togheter, there’s no reason why”.

In my opinion, in this refrain, there is a bit of the essence of the series: especially in the various attempts by Meliodas to save his beloved. A bit like saying: “Si vos pacem, para bellum”. (And what a war!)

Meliodas is a character with a great altruism. If you were to ask me if we should love a person more than ourselves, putting the good of him before ours … I would tell you that the ideal thing would be to live it together, the good of both.

If either of you has to have it “more”, maybe it’s not exactly working the best way, is it?

And that’s exactly what was happening in the end, before they killed The King, again. They both made their sacrifice together.

A splendid and incredibly long love story, right? As Elizabeth says: “It has been a fantastic 3,000 years”.

A very long happiness, which can finally be at its end, after so many torments.

If we want, this adventure gives us important lessons on many things. Then, as in normal life, everyone takes what they think is best or useful, for themselves, or just enjoy the story.

After all, the two are the cause of everything. And finally, they have their reward.

And therefore, with a little sadness, but with a smile, I greet this long adventure, which I had the pleasure of watching, and which I now give to you.

A 10 or a 9.5? Are the defects negligible enough? It depends on your point of view.

See y’all next time!

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