“A New World” – part 8.

Part 7 here.

Italian version here.


That gloomy place represented the dying past of man.

If he had a choice, he would have lost everyone, too, except her. Perhaps it was true that his friends loved him as they said, but as often seemed to him, they denigrated his dreams and desires of him.

Even those people, by now, had changed their appearance and importance.

He felt safe, with only a few. And with himself.

And yet, he still fought, he still hoped for that person’s return.

He saw the other beings with the raven’s head: once he loved him, now he felt nothing but rancor and contempt, because he knew that those creatures had helped to make her lose.

To Gugu’s surprise, he asked Randurass for a weapon. But he did not receive the katana as he expected, but a club.

The two videos the man killing the crow-men with a club, except for her. Screaming at them:

– It’s because of your shit, that fucking city, that I lost it, you bastards!

The man was also closing with a certain violence, a part of his past.

– I am responsible for my actions, but not for how you interpret them!

He slaughtered those birds crying, smeared with blood.

– I loved you, you ugly bastards …

The bird-men were screaming and croaking in pain, splitting his head so badly that even the skull was exposed.

They were undead, dead.

Nothing but shadows, on which to vent his anger.

He cried, desperate, resigned. He cried, because he didn’t want to do it that way, he didn’t want to lose anyone.

His only wish was to see her again, but in new, different circumstances. In which they could really love each other.

He cried, because it was not possible for him to do anything else, because there was no worse feeling than resignation.

They had no choice but to abandon that ghost ship there, it was no longer time to sail the seas: therefore, the ship would remain with the name: “The Flying Writer”, it would travel in the sea, like the Dutch, full of ghosts and show, that now, the man was abandoning.

He now he lived in a city, and used other means of transportation. He was no longer a sailor.

That was his new world.

A totally different, strange world. With the end of many dreams and hopes, end of illusions, but in some way, still with the desire to be next to one person only.

See if one day, she would want to be friends with him again.

He would sacrifice friendships for him, keeping only the ones he really wanted. Because some of them, by now, had become like extras.

He was interested in the essential.

Finally, the 3 left the island, and behind them, the past.

Who knows if in the future, only one person of all would have returned, and would have been?

Meanwhile, the man saw only big disappointments, and was increasingly tired.


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