Character Analysis: Genos (From One Punch Man).

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The hero in the world of anti-heroes, with samurai morals, but with the inexperience and distraction of youth, so is Genos, the cyborg of One Punch man.

He is the first to feel a deep admiration for Saitama, perhaps, thanks to his purity, he can really understand what is behind (the apparent?) Carelessness and lack of seriousness of the “master”. (In the end, rather than training him, they become roommates, or perhaps we should say housekeeper and inhabitant).

Genos is very serious, he literally never laughs. But on the other hand we can admire him wearing a pink apron, when he washes the dishes at Saitama’s house.

I believe that (at least as far as I have come), together with Spatent Rider, he is perhaps the only one who embodies the true principles of the hero: sacrifice himself to save the weakest, fight against those who want to destroy them, risk his life in any case. , without being, as many seem, passive to these things.

Most of the heroes, so admired, in fact, seem more interested in killing monsters, or their score in the standings, rather than saving humanity.

Genos often fights “with his head down”, and if Saitama himself does not warn him, he does not seem to pay enough attention to his surroundings, possibly risking destroying too much, or injuring innocent people, due to the enormous power of his weapons.

It is as if he were a Goku in the positive sense: he always tends to get stronger, but since he is constantly defeated, he becomes the “Vegeta”, until Saitama arrives, the “Goku” of the situation.

And in fact, Saitama is as if he were the protagonist of Dragon Ball, if he didn’t have stimulating opponents: a little apathetic, dissatisfied, and constantly bored.

We will tackle the discussion on the good “Bald Cloak” better another time …

And I conclude the speech here on Genos, to tell the truth, I have already said what I think, even if I still miss it a little and the story is not yet over, but I think it will change a lot in the future. In case I will do a more in-depth analysis when it will end, who knows when (?)

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