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Those times when

You loved evil,

thinking it was good, very good.

Then, evil reveals his face.

And it seems that with her high heels,

that crushes your heart.

Feelings are not reciprocated,

and we got it, for too long, now.

but I don’t see why to step on them.

You looked for a thousand justifications,

You tried to figure out what the fuck was causing it

of so much “discomfort” that I must have caused.

It feels like talking to a demon,

who hates and despises love.

But far too long they sucked from my heart,

and from that of others.

You beat,

but the game is over.

We almost thought we were not enough,

after all these tears,

understand that you are not the “wrong” one,

but are these monsters,

who hate feelings,

or so it would seem.

And maybe,

they are not angry with us,

but with love and affection,

that they can no longer try.

And it’s the death of the heart,

kicked, like a football.


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