I Want To Live.

Italian version: here.


I want to live,

I want to live with people who can understand me,

I want to live,

with people who can love me,

who can love me,

I want to live,

no longer feeling bad about the wrong things,

I want to live,

because my life,

it has nothing to do with many.

I want to live,

with the people who can fill my heart,

and they don’t want to empty it.

I want to live for my happiness,

without anyone being able to eat it,

feed on my laughter.

I want to live,

to feel good, despite everything.

Even though I always try to be better,

despite hatred reigning over it,

but I want to live in who is reflected in what I write,

share life, with those who can love it,

and respects me for who I am,

exactly like whoever loves me for that.


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