Ita version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/22/poesiarondini/


I see swallows,

all around  me,

flying in this spring,

They form some ring.

I see all of these swallows,

Life suddenly seems simple, shallow.

I do feel so hollow,

What road should I follow?
now, life seems to be in peace,

my mind, no longer broken piece.

Nature speaks to me,

she makes me feel so free.

For some time, I forget about my problems,

I fly, with the swallows, closing my eyes, randoms.

I see the sun leaving,

maybe I should too.

The birds sing and dance,

I want some love romance.

I am just with this heart, lighter,

I think I’m a fighter,

but sometimes, I just want to fly,

so high,

where I don’t need to cry,

and the time passes by,

while I ask myself: what should I apply?

I can smell this spring,

I can touch my broken wings,

I used to fly,

now my feet on the ground.

Should I have one more round?

Life is spinning, around.

It’s all lost and found.

If God is real,

I see him in nature,

more than humans.

Sometimes so good, and so evil,

with and without reason.

In this city looks so natural, and so urban.

What’s received, what’s given.

I can smell this spring,

it’s inside my nose,

my heart, my rose.


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