#Poetry”Experience’s Mirror.”

I have often noticed,

how people want to tell others,

the right ways to live …

However, with their experiences.

However, a lot of opinions, ideas, experiences,

they don’t have much to do with suffering,

feelings, of those who seek, perhaps even making a mistake,

other opinions.

So, I often see how much their ideas,

their insecurities,

often mirror them on others.

As if their ideas,

are all ideal,

for everything.

As if they needed,

of the confirmation that when they have made their decision,

in their things,

“They did well”.

How much nonsense …

At the end,

I know very well that the truth,

everyone must seek their own,

like your role,

whether it is comfortable or not.

This is the way, after all.

Like it or not, yeah … yeah.

So well if you just start believing in yourself,

every opinion and advice,

I guess it’s starting to become superfluous,

or harmful.



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