#Poetry:”Carried away by the current…”

Then why get all these problems?

Today I decide to feel comfortable,

today I decide

I decide, after months,

of attempts, to do one thing,

to go in a direction,

today I decide to feel comfortable.

Basically, you think that feeling bad,

is our decision.

And then also feel good …

There are no expiration dates,

and there are no problems.


In the end, I tell you:

suffering is demonized.

We are here living badly,

but we should feel free,

to suffer.



To miss someone,

to love her.

What is the need,

of having to get up,

almost always

a pain?

Not everything is a tooth to be removed immediately …

What is the need,

to let things behind?

What is the need

Of having to find

Logical explanations,

behind the feelings?

I would say that the problem does not arise …

Today I go offline,

I don’t think about it anymore

to all these questions.


the answers are not found

and therefore,

we let ourselves be carried away by a cruel current,

and I close my eyes,

I do not want any more

think of nothing.

I almost relax,

in this impossibility,

to capture

the things,

with my hands.




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